Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Winter Warmers

Indie hats

Forget keeping a cool head, with our rubbish weather what you need is a nice warm retro hat and scarf to keep that winter chill out!

Try a classic flat cap or a neon peruvian hat to keep your ears warm. Our peruvian hats also come in more subdued colours for those who want to avoid the beacon effect! Our best selling style is our long beanie hat which is very popular at the moment.

For serious warmth you can't beat our faux fur Russian cossack hat and our retro leather and fur bomber hat.

And don't forget to finish your look off with a scarf, check out our skinny stripey indie scarf and our red and black checked desert scarf.

All these items are available now at

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My Passport to Style said...

I totally adore your fabulous hat picks! Sharon xxoo